Chicken Licken Menu Prices in South Africa

Are you looking for a Chicken Licken menu price in South Africa? Chicken Licken South Africa is a fast food outlet and chicken takeaway chain serving chicken, salads, burgers and other meal options.

It is part of the international Chicken Licken organization based in Johannesburg.

Chicken Licken is one of the best-known fast-food chains in South Africa and has a huge following. It has been voted the “Best Fried Chicken” and also the “Best Value for Money”.

The franchise offers a variety of meals, which include Chicken Licken signature dishes like the Big Daddy, Spicy Hot and Peri Peri Chickens, wraps, burgers and fries.

The Chicken Licken menu price is relatively low and affordable, which is quite ideal for most people on a budget.

While the pricing may not be that competitive, it is still very decent. Chicken Licken also makes use of their delivery services or you can go to your nearest branch to pick up your food.

Chicken Licken has branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Polokwane. They also have branches in Botswana and Mozambique.

So if you are looking for some good chicken wings or other types of chicken dishes like nuggets and burgers, then the Chicken Licken menu price in South Africa would be a great place to start looking.

Chicken Licken Menu Prices in South Africa

Soul Food Specials Menu

The Chicken Licken Soul Food Special is Chicken Licken’s take on hot wings. It consists of one pound of any flavour of chicken wings. The hot sauce used in the Chicken Licken Soul Food Special is a thick, sweet, and spicy concoction which I’m sure will make you drool.

Menu ItemsPrices
8 pieces + 2 regular Soul Fries + 2 regular sides + 2 Licken LoafsR137.9
6 pieces + 2 regular Soul Fries + 2 regular sides + 2 Licken LoafsR112.9
6 Hotwings + a portion of Soul FriesR40.9
6 Hotwings + a portion of Soul Fries™ + 300ml CokeR51.9
6 Hotwings + a portion of Soul Fries™ + 440ml CokeR55.9
16 Hotwings + 2 regular Soul FriesR94.9
10 Hotwings + a portion of Soul FriesR59.9
3 pieces SoulFire chicken + 1 sachet SoulFire sauceR43.9
3 pieces SoulFire chicken + a portion of Soul Fries + 1 sachet SoulFire sauceR48.9
6 pieces SoulFire chicken + 1 regular Soul Fries + 2 sachets SoulFire sauceR83.9
12 Hotwings + 4 Sliders + 2 regular Soul FriesR103.9
Love Me Tender Burger + a regular Soul Fries + 2 Hotwings + 440ml CokeR63.9

Chicken Meals Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
8 Hotwings® + toast + 300ml Coke66.90
8 Hotwings® + toast + 440ml Coke69.90
2 pieces + toast + 300ml Coke55.90
2 pieces + toast + 440ml Coke58.90

Soulsister Specials Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
2 pieces + a portion of Soul FriesR35.90
2 pieces + a portion of Soul Fries + 300ml CokeR49.90
2 pieces + a portion of Soul Fries + 440ml CokeR53.90
4 pieces + 1 regular Soul FriesR64.90
5 pieces + 2 regular Soul FriesR84.90

Chicken Burgers Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Double Chicken Boerie BurgerR31.90
Love Me Tender BurgerR32.90
Love Me Tender CheeseburgerR34.90
Love Me Hot BurgerR32.90
Love Me Hot CheeseburgerR34.90
Big John BurgerR34.90
Double Chicken Boerie Burger MealR49.90
Love Me Tender Burger MealR55.90
Love Me Tender Cheeseburger MealR57.90
Love Me Hot Burger MealR55.90
Love Me Hot Cheeseburger MealR57.90
Big John Burger MealR55.90

Hot Wings Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
6 HotwingsR35.90
12 HotwingsR65.90
24 HotwingsR119.90
36 HotwingsR170.90

Easy Bucks Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
2 Original Slyders + a portion of Soul FriesR26.00
Popcorn Chicken in a shaker cupR26.00
4 Hotwings + a portion of Soul FriesR26.00
2 Hotwings + a Slider + a portion of Soul FriesR26.00

Just Chicken Licken Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
1 piece chickenR18.90
2 piece chickenR29.90
3 piece chickenR45.90
4 piece chickenR58.90
5 piece chickenR70.90
6 piece chickenR82.90
9 piece chickenR124.90
15 piece chickenR198.90
21 piece chickenR266.90

Sliders Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
1 Original SliderR13.90
2 Original SliderR26.90
4 Original SliderR50.90
1 Cheese SliderR15.90
2 Cheese SliderR30.90
4 Cheese SliderR54.90

Secret Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Cheesewich MealR41.90
Chicwich MealR49.90
S’Dumo Burger MealR33.90

Desserts & Drinks Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Kreemy CycloneR28.90
Mini CycoleR22.90
Cool Cone ChocR9.90
Sundae Lick’nR22.90
Cool ConeR6.90
Double Thick ShakeR18.90
300ml CanR16.90
440ml BottleR18.90
300ml Liqui FruitR17.90


Menu ItemsPrices
Regular Soul FriesR11.90
Medium Soul FriesR20.90
Large Soul FriesR31.90
2 Chicken loafsR13.00
Soulfire BottleR21.90
3 Soulfire SachetsR3.00
Regular SoulslawR8.90
Large SoulslawR16.90
Regular AchaarR9.90
Large AchaarR19.90
Regular Tomato SalsaR9.90
Large Tomato SalsaR19.90

About Chicken Licken

Chicken Licken is a South African fast food chain specializing in fried chicken. They have stores located in South Africa, Botswana and Lesotho. The first Chicken Licken restaurant was opened in 1981 by George Sombonos, who had been inspired by the success of Nando’s.

The company has grown to 250 restaurants as of 2017 and they are still growing, but not so much in country, but in countries such as Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

A typical Chicken Licken restaurant includes a drive-through service area with a separate entrance on the side. Their menu includes burgers, chicken, drinks and dessert items. All their products are freshly prepared each day and then cooked till perfection.

The restaurant is known for its delicious, succulent chicken and its tasty side dishes. Chicken Licken also has a very family oriented atmosphere. The staff is always welcoming and are always ready to treat their customers with the best service possible.

The Chicken Licken menu is designed to suit every taste. It has a variety of meals such as full chickens, chicken burgers, fries, sides, wraps and so much more!

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